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sabado 22 de noviembre de 2008 Takes a Bite of 'Twilight' Tickets Sold Opening Weekend

Online Ticketing Continues Upward Trend as Vampire Flick Becomes Top-5 Pre-seller

viernes 21 de noviembre de 2008

Fangirls Propel Niche Film 'Twilight' into Top-10 Pre-Sale List of All Time

Sellouts at Top 1,100 Performances

miércoles 29 de octubre de 2008 Poll Ranks 'Harry Potter' Sequel Most Anticipated Movie of the Upcoming Year

Post-Ticketing Survey Asks Movie-Going Consumers to Select 'Most Anticipated' Movies through Summer 2009; 'X-Men' and 'Transformers' Sequels Round Out Top Three

lunes 13 de octubre de 2008 Inks Deal to Become Exclusive Online Ticketing Partner for Southern Theatres

New Orleans-Based Southern Theatres L.L.C. Boasts 18 Locations, 268 Screens

miércoles 24 de septiembre de 2008 Announces Sponsorship of 'Made In Hollywood'

Deal Features Branded Segments On-Air with the Nationally Syndicated Weekly TV Series’ 4th Season; while Cross-Promoting "Made In Hollywood’s" Branded Content Online with the Internet Movie Ticketing Service

lunes 21 de julio de 2008 Sells More Than 1,000,000 Tickets in Four-Day Span as ‘The Dark Knight’ Breaks Daily, Weekend Ticket Sales Records

'Dark Knight' Jumps to No. 4 Performing Film of All-Time on

viernes 18 de julio de 2008

Opening Night Bright for Batman: Reports 'The Dark Knight' Takes No. 4 Spot on Top Pre-Sale List of All Time

Online Ticketing Provider Also Reports More than 1,300 Sold Out Shows Nationwide for Upcoming Performances

martes 15 de julio de 2008

‘Dark Knight’ Continues to Sell Out; Outpaces Highest-Earning Blockbusters

Four Days Prior to its Release, Already Has Over 450 Performances of ‘Dark Knight’ Sold Out in North America

martes 10 de junio de 2008 Offers Personalized, Reloadable Gift Cards for Online Ticket Purchases

MovieTickets.card Appeals to Parents, Teens; Gives Younger Consumers Sense of Autonomy When Selecting Movie Tickets

lunes 2 de junio de 2008

‘Sex’ Sells: ‘SATC’ Struts Its Way To No. 16 On’s Top 20 Performing Films Of All-Time

Over 90 Percent of Moviegoers Surveyed at Give ‘Sex and the City: The Movie’ Two Thumbs Up

viernes 30 de mayo de 2008

‘Sex and the City’ Breaks Into's Top 10 Pre-Sale List of All Time

Highly Anticipated Chick-Flick Joins Coveted Blockbusters including ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy, ‘Harry Potter’ Series

martes 1 de abril de 2008

Dinner and a Movie, at Your Fingertips: Announces Online Ticketing Partnership with Movie Tavern

Dallas-Based Movie Tavern Is a Leading Operator of Cinema-Eateries

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